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Why do we have to choose French style aluminum pergola?

Why do we have to choose French style aluminum pergola?

Apr 15,2024
China aluminum pergola construction: There are many things to pay attention to, including the impact of construction preparation work on the finished product. According to the usage occasions of pergolas, they can also be classified into park garden pergolas, square pergolas, styling pergolas, leisure pergolas, and rainproof pergolas. Some companies specifically build pergolas for employees to smoke and chat after meals; The pergolas in parks and public places not only serve as a place for visitors to rest, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the scenery, serving both the purpose of shaping and serving as pergolas.

YOCHO OUTCOOR has strong technical strength, skilled construction team, and a complete set of professional equipment.

We are dedicated to innovation and research and development in the field of building materials such as villas and high-end residences, integrating the design of European and American outdoor homes with the style of Eastern culture. Our main products include aluminum alloy pergolas, grape trellises, sunrooms, carports, canopies, and other series.

No cracking, no deformation, easy to maintain, no need to worry about later maintenance;, Plasticity is better than stainless steel, steel material is not easy to rust and does not peel off paint; Aluminum alloy material has good flame retardancy, while wood has a low ignition point and poses a safety hazard;, The recyclability of aluminum alloy materials, which can be dismantled and sold if you don't like them, and are easy to replace, are environmentally friendly and pollution-free;, The wooden grain aluminum alloy material pergola frame not only has the texture of wood, but also eliminates the risk of wood being eaten by insects, and has a long service life;.

Aluminum alloy pergolas have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, easy processing and installation, and fast speed. They basically maintain the original advantages of aluminum alloy pergolas, while also having a noble and elegant appearance of wood. They can imitate hundreds of precious woods, achieving a level of realism. Appearance advantages: The aluminum alloy pergolas have a delicate appearance, rich wood grain patterns, realistic wood like effects, and do not fade. They have good visual effects, no light pollution, strong self-cleaning ability, and can meet people's various needs and expectations of original ecology, imitating nature, returning to nature, and harmonious unity between humans and nature.


1. Possessing a large number of professional talents with strong technical strength

2. Through continuous technological innovation and engineering practice, a comprehensive service process has been formed

3. Continuously exploring and innovating, constantly developing new products, and adhering to a professional development path

4. Engaged in aluminum materials and outdoor aluminum art for many years, with rich experience

Low carbon environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable, products do not contain benzene substances, environmental standards, greatly saving wood usage, suitable for sustainable development national policies, benefiting society, strong plasticity, can easily achieve personalized styling, fully reflecting personal style, fire retardant, completely solving the problem of easy combustion and hidden dangers of wooden products. It can be processed well, can be ordered, planed, sawn, drilled, bent, straight, round or square, and can be customized for various shapes that cannot be made of wooden products.

The new Chinese aluminum pergola has good workability. It can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled, bent, straightened, rounded and square. It can be made into shapes that cannot be made with various wood products. The new Chinese aluminum pergola is waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant and anti-aging! Fundamentally solving the problem of wooden products being prone to decay, expansion and deformation after absorbing water and moisture in humid and multi water environments. High strength titanium aluminum alloy material can resist various external impacts, without breaking, collapsing, or tipping, with high safety performance!

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