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Why do we have to choose French style aluminum pergola?

Why do we have to choose French style aluminum pergola?

Apr 8,2024
Does a French aluminum pergola from Yochooutdoor made in China with good shading mean that the room cannot receive light? The answer is certainly negative. The French canopy design is reasonable and can achieve a harmonious unity of shading and lighting. While blocking the scorching summer days, it can also reflect strong sunlight into the interior in the form of diffuse light, making the indoor light bright and not dazzling, and not affecting the beautiful scenery from inside to outside the window.
The French sunshade adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material with curved arms and frame, combined with a special paint layer, which is acid, alkali, and corrosion resistant, with a long service life. Opening the sunshade can resist strong winds.
The shading fabric of the French sunshade adopts special polypropylene and acrylic fibers, and deep dyeing technology, with extremely high color fastness. This material is resistant to tension, corrosion, cold, and high temperatures, and can withstand the effects of harsh environments and climates. The surface is coated, waterproof and easy to dry, with particularly stable quality and long service life.
French aluminum pavilions have a variety of colorful canopy patterns and colors. Users can decorate the surrounding windows according to their preferences and choose the appropriate canopy model based on the shape characteristics of the building, thereby enhancing the overall image of the building
French sunshades not only protect indoor items and furniture from UV rays, but also greatly reduce indoor temperature and provide insulation. They can also be printed with logos on waterproof fabrics

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